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Money. Oh money. Why are you so hard to deal with? Why are you so easy to spend? Why are you not around more often? What is it about you that makes smart, capable, reasonable women (I’m of course referring to myself here…) and men go crazy and forget to be sensible and responsible? Why is that the moment I have some of you to spare I head straight to my favourite shops and make it raaaain in the shoe aisle? Why?!


I know I should be more responsible with my money, Heaven knows, we all should. With everything made easier by using debit cards (and the more evil credit card), it’s so much harder to keep track of your spending but that’s why, my dear friends, I am here to offer you some help. I have recently been introduced to an amazing new app called 22seven. This app is a money management tool that helps you do more with your money. It helps you to clearly understand where your money is with easily understandable graphs and visuals. Seriously, even I understand what’s going on there. And since using it, I have vowed to #startover and start from scratch. No more ridiculous spending, no more swiping my card without paying attention to how much I just spent and DEFINITELY no more therapy-shopping sessions. I even received this letter of apology from money and let’s just say that if money is prepared to start over, then so am I. And let’s face it, anyone who calls me ‘puddin’ is pretty much guaranteed to be instantly forgiven.

Dear Alida

I think I owe you an apology. For starters, we’ve had some good times. There were moments where we worked well together. But maybe there weren’t enough of them.

Maybe you feel like you got a raw deal. Maybe I’ve been serving you crabsticks when you’ve asked for lobster. Thing is, I believe we are a recipe for something great. The secret ingredient: us.

So I’d like to apologise, to say sorry for all that’s gone before… so we can get to know each other again. Get reintroduced to one another. Start over.

How about it, puddin’?



I mean, how sweet? So what do you say? Are you ready for your fresh start? If you are, simply visit 22seven and sign up right away. Your new financially savvy life awaits!

{Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by 22seven. All thoughts and opinions are my own.}

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