Easy dinner recipes

Easy dinner recipes for every night of the week. From juicy chicken recipes to creamy pastas and simple ways with salmon. We have a recipe for every mood.

Easy dinner recipes

Chicken recipes for dinner

Chicken is on almost every family’s weekly menu. And it’s not hard to see why. Chicken can be cooked in any and every way. Simply seared, breaded and fried. Shredded into tacos or grilled in a quick marinade, your family will be thrilled when one of these recipes are on the menu.

Crispy Chicken Schnitzel

  1. Crispy Chicken Schnitzel
  2. Easy sticky ginger chicken
  3. Lemon pepper chicken thighs
  4. Creamy spinach garlic chicken
  5. Easy chicken satay with peanut sauce
  6. Easy Parmesan crusted chicken
  7. Herby lemon herb chicken skewers
  8. Caprese stuffed chicken breasts
  9. Spicy grilled chicken with corn salsa
  10. Lemon herb chicken breasts
  11. 30-minute easy grilled chicken and vegetables
  12. Lemon risotto with pan-roasted chicken
  13. Easy baked Greek chicken and potatoes
  14. Easy creamy mushroom chicken
  15. One pot tomato basil chicken and rice
  16. Chicken breasts with olive, tomato and caper dressing
  17. Chicken Piccata Thighs
  18. Crispy chicken thighs on cheesy broccoli rice
  19. Sticky apricot chicken
  20. Easy weeknight chicken curry

Pasta recipes

Pasta is a go-to for simple meals for a reason. Whether you add a simple 5-minute sauce or go a little fancier with shrimp, no-one can say no to a plate of perfectly cooked pasta.

Creamy lemon garlic shrimp pasta

  1. Creamy lemon garlic shrimp pasta
  2. Pasta with basil cream sauce
  3. Spaghetti Aglio e Olio
  4. Roasted tomato pesto pasta with ricotta
  5. Creamy spinach artichoke pasta bake
  6. Spicy tomato bacon pasta
  7. Pizza pasta bake
  8. Easy creamy lemon garlic mushroom pasta
  9. Rosemary cream chicken pasta
  10. Easy cheese and tomato pasta bake
  11. Easy tomato cream rigatoni

Seafood and fish recipes

Fish and shrimp (prawns) take minutes to cook making them the perfect protein for easy dinners. Whether you cook them in a pan or in the oven, they are versatile and guaranteed to be delicious.

White wine garlic salmon

  1. White wine garlic salmon
  2. Easy lemon butter baked fish
  3. Easy garlic butter shrimp and rice
  4. Baked sticky apricot salmon
  5. Jalapeño lemon butter shrimp on polenta
  6. Easy spicy shrimp tacos
  7. 20-minute Honey Garlic Salmon
  8. Crispy fish tacos
  9. White wine garlic prawns

Beef recipes

Ground beef (beef mince) and steak are perfect cuts for easy, fast recipes. They cook quickly and can be used in a variety of ways to make sure dinner is delicious.

Grilled steak with blistered tomatoes Grilled steak with blistered tomatoes

  1. Grilled steak with blistered tomatoes
  2. Easy Portuguese prego rolls
  3. Cheesy baked meatballs
  4. Classic bacon cheeseburgers
  5. Spaghetti Bolognese
  6. Chicken Fried Steak
  7. Rosemary-crusted beef fillet with horseradish cream
  8. Tuscan slow cooker meatballs
  9. Mayonnaise grilled rosemary garlic steak

Vegetarian recipes

Delicious dinners don’t have to contain meat, chicken or fish. Vegetarian food is delicious, full of flavor and perfect for busy weeknights when you want dinner on the table fast.

Eggplant rollatini

  1. Eggplant involtini
  2. Creamy spinach baked ravioli
  3. Cauliflower korma curry
  4. Vegetarian lasagna with basil pesto and ricotta
  5. Cheese and onion savoury cake
  6. Cauliflower tikka masala
  7. Easy cauliflower biryani
  8. Cheesy corn cakes with avocado salsa

Lamb recipes

Lamb is by far the most flavorful meat to cook with. It stands up well to aromatic spices, garlic and fresh lemon so juice them all liberally and you’ll have a dinner to drool over.

Indian-spiced lamb chops with cucumber salad

  1. Indian-spiced lamb chops with cucumber salad
  2. Easy lemon-garlic lamb chops
  3. Greek meatballs
  4. Easy sticky lamb ribs
  5. Greek lamb chops with Tzatziki

Pork recipes

Pork is the most consumed meat in the world. It’s delicious, affordable and fantastic for quick-cooking. Pork chops, loin and ground pork are all excellent choices for speedy weeknight dinner recipes.

Greek pork souvlaki

  1. Greek pork souvlaki
  2. BBQ pulled pork
  3. Garlic herb pork fillet skewers
  4. Easy Greek pork chops
  5. Honey-garlic pork ribeye steak
  6. Creamy mushroom pork chops
  7. Date night pork fillet with mushroom risotto
  8. Easy pork sausage meatballs in tomato sauce
  9. Pork bolognese with cheesy pangrattato
  10. Sticky Chinese BBQ pork lettuce cups

Soup recipes

During the colder months, soup is the most comforting and delicious easy dinner recipe you can make. It’s fantastic to use up vegetables you have in the fridge and can be made in advance. Perfect for busy weeknights. Serve with crusty bread for a warming, easy meal.

Easy healthy chicken broccoli soup

  1. Easy healthy chicken broccoli soup
  2. Honey roasted butternut squash soup
  3. Creamy broccoli chicken gnocchi soup
  4. Easy chicken noodle soup recipe
  5. Easy Vegetable soup
  6. Healthy coconut curry pumpkin soup
  7. Mexican chicken soup with charred baby corn

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