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Alida Ryder Cook from the Heart

My second book has been out for a few weeks now and I am so overwhelmed by the response of the media, friends, family and readers. I am so incredibly happy because I love this book so much. The fact that others like it, really is like the cherry on top. I’m very proud of this book and feel like the photography and styling is the best I’ve ever done and the recipes are all ones I love. Through this post you’ll see a sneak peak of what you can find in the book.

 White chocolate Champagne cupcakes


With that (and Christmas right around the corner), I thought it only right that I share the love with you guys. I’m giving away 6 copies of my new book and for the first time ever, 2 of those copies are up for the take by International readers. As most of my readership is based in Northern America and Canada, I think that’s just fair. Locally (South Africa), I will be giving away 2 English and 2 Afrikaans copies. All signed. All with one of the custom-made spoons we had made for the launch of the book. These spoons are so drop-dead gorgeous and everyone who sees them falls in love instantly.

Wooden spoons

 Spaghetti Fritters

Gorgonzola Gnocchi

As Cook from the Heart is a book all about emotion, all you need to do to enter is to comment with what emotion inspires you most to cook/eat and what you like to cook/eat when you are experiencing that emotion. Also please add your location to your comment and if you are local, whether you’d like the English or Afrikaans version of the book. This giveaway will be open until Friday 6 December 2013 and winners will be notified by e-mail (so please make sure the e-mail you use is correct). {Sharing this post on your social media channels will give you an extra entry.}

 Peanut butter Chocolate cake

I thought I’d also share some pics of my lovely media launch with you. I decided to give the table a big food influence and got some help from an amazing friend with a gorgeous vegetable garden. I’m so utterly in love with this rustic, casual yet chic style of table decor.

Vegetable table decor

Charcuterie Platter

Carrot centerpiece

Artichoke centerpiece

Artichoke flower

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  • Cynthia Cumbie

    I love the challenge of coming up with something new. I love making food that is good and healthy. I’m excited when I pull something out of the oven or off the stove and know that it came out just right. I’m biting my nails as the family tastes the food I made then doing a happy dance when they like it.
    It’s love that inspires me the most, I think. Love and memories. Whenever a memory strikes, I feel inspired to make the dish from that memory. The family chicken ‘n’ dumplings, meatloaf, apple pie, cheesecake, or just a ‘throw everything in the pan and hope it comes out good’…
    But I cannot cook eggplant. It just doesn’t like me.
    My biggest challenge has been to come up with carb-free dishes since my husband is diabetic. You try cutting out potatoes, bread, pasta, rice, and cornmeal breading…

    I live in Greenville, TX. It’s a small town and it’s hard to get ingredients sometimes.

    I know that you aren’t doing the giveaway anymore, but I wanted to share anyway.

  • Joy M.

    What inspires me to cook is love! I love cooking for those I love and the appreciation I get back. 🙂 I really love making pastries and roasting savoury dishes! I enjoy eating them too! 😀
    I am from Kenya and would love the cookbook in English.

  • Clairevc

    I have the biggest sweet tooth known to mankind 🙂 so I love to cook when I have cravings. Nothing is more satisfying than making my own sweet treat, and munching all the goodness on the way to completion. I also love to cook after watching a cooking program, It’s inspiring and exciting and I just am so happy when cooking. Food, cooking, eating is my happy place and I can’t wait to try new recipes, using my work colleagues as guinea pigs for, no one objects 🙂 I am from Cape Town and would love to win an English version of your book.

  • Mariann Sierra

    I wish I could say I’m more of a cook (although I yearn to be) but I definitely enjoy eating the most. the emotion that comes to mind when the enticing fragrance of great tasting food lands on my nose is ecstasy. my sense of smell is overwhelmed and my imagination goes wild, making my taste buds crave the only conclusion: the food into my mouth for a satisfactory bite! sometimes one bite is enough while other times I yearn for more. living in NYC I’m surrounded by the world’s different flavors making happy explosions in my mouth. 😀

  • Doné

    PMS: I think your Angry part of the book will be perfect for PMS following with Lazy food.

    Rich Chocolate with a bit of chili.

    (Australia: english)

  • FadraN

    Cooking is an occasion for me and the desire strikes me when I feel inspired. I spend most of my time creatively cooking around the holidays when it feels more like joy and less like a chore.

    I’m in the USA!

  • Jen Beck Seymour

    I dearly would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win a copy of your book. I just found you recently, as you know (through Brittany Gibbons) and I love to bake myself (and take pictures), so am IN LOVE with your baked goods and pictures. I think you’re awesome. (Also ADORE your wooden spoons!!).

  • Simone

    There are so many emotions. …happiness is when I am bonding with my daughter getting the kitchen messy, full of flour while we bake cupcakes. Love when I make a huge pot of breyani for my husband, family and friends because I know how much they enjoy it.

    Port Elizabeth

  • Stephanie

    Cooking made me feeling very sad for many years: I tried so hard to cook healthy meals for my husband and children and they did not want healthy meals, they hated my vegetables and wanted fast-food and things made in factories, not kitchens … Since a year or so, cooking makes me feel happy again, I bought a crockpot, new cookware (cast iron) so I can cook more healthy (no teflon) and my husband is starting to like my cooking 🙂 All five kids live on their own now, with their own families and I love to see how they want to cook healthy!! I would love to have an Afrikaans version of your book, I do have English cookbooks but because Dutch is my native language (I live in Enschede, the Netherlands) I love to try recipes in Afrikaans 🙂

  • bellyhearts

    I am most inspired when I am happy and inlove. The thought of going home to my husband and taking time to be with each other and sharing something great to eat, which we have cooked together creates memories. We love cooking anything new and try to do so each day. Our favourite is pasta, comfort food for comforting emotions 🙂

    I am based in Durban, and would LOVE an English version of your cookbook to go next to your first cookbook!

  • Jen Grasso

    Love <3
    Love, curiosity and passion for flavor. I've always enjoyed whole, REAL food…knowing where your food comes from, the process of growing/raising it and the beautiful creations made from these ingredients.
    My boyfriend and I find much comfort in the kitchen together and plan all week for the dish we will make on "Magnificent Mondays" (deemed so by his darling grandmother that we cook for). We explore my vast assortment of cookbooks, magazines and the internet (how I found this lovely blog) for inspiration. I would absolutely adore leafing through the pages of your cookbook with a glass of wine. I'm from Buffalo, NY, USA. English please.

  • Sarah Hough

    I would love love love to win a copy of your new book. Am a huge fan fo your blog and recipes and love your style of food. I cook a lot of the time but really put effort into it when I’m in a happy mood (or just plain hungry or have people over). I would love an English copy- am based in Joburg

  • Ingrid

    As a South African newly living in Germany I like to cook when I am feeling proud of my South African heritage and I want to show off how good South African food is. I love making a plate of food which is rich in flavour or a gooey chocolate cake which is so different to the normal German fare and then getting the compliments…or being asked for the recipe!

  • Christie-Anne Wolmarans

    I am such a fan! It depends on the weather and it depends on my mood and depends on whats in season! I get inspired by produce that is local and in season, love going to farmers markets and the start to cook something fresh…its usually starts with what I feel like but then most of the time deviate to my cook bucket list 😉 My favorite is brioche french toast with greek jogurt, home made berry coulis or farm fresh honey – with brown butter 😉 Hubby has an awesome time trying and testing new ideas and flavors. I love cooking any kind of dish. I like Asian type of flavors and think they are so blessed to have grown up with these tastes and flavors. But most all I think that Afrikaans dishes perfected would be the new trend and way to go! I get inspired by your yummy recipes and I would love to win one of your cookbooks! From Fourways

  • Michelle V Steel

    Dignity…. we all need it, others can provide it, it comes from caring and nurturing and yes, loving. Providing wholesome, real food to those closest too us, or those who need it most…. (Australia)

  • FlaVickie

    lol..tired to edit and couldn’t..I am in the referenced so English Please..and, I want to add that other bloggers like you..with your beautiful pictures inspire shows, magazines and cookbooks as well. I tell ya pinerest and Facebook is a learning experience..we have so many creative and talented people from all over the world..both are fantastic platforms to see what others are doing and trying something new..or to get our own creative juices flowing. Thanks again.

  • Elodie

    I’m not going to be really novel : I love to cook when I’m happy, neutral or angry or even sad but when I’m glad to see my family or friends and my husband having a good time, eating a good and generous meal in a good mood and a lot of togetherness. For instance, pasta with a great sauce or meat, homemade pizza, tarte au citron or tiramisù…As you may guess because of my mistakes, I’m French and I live in Lille in France. I hope to be lucky and win this wonderful gift for an international food lover 🙂

  • Tatum

    I seem to cook my best when i am overwhelmed with saddness, I know it seemsd weird but I cook to get my mind into a different place, I make longer meals that require time and lots of different techniques. It makes me feel better but also my family have an amazing meal. Im from Durban and English

  • Alida Ryder

    Thanks Tammy! What a lovely compliment.

  • Heznel

    I cook from the heart, plain and simple!!!
    I come from a family of woman who enjoyed creating wonderful food that others would celebrate and salivate over.
    My home is in Cape Town and I would be so blessed to receive an English copy please

  • Morgan Collins

    It may sound cheesy but the emotion is love and normally results in me making French toast with bacon and syrup for my family when we actually get the rare opportunity to all be together. I really associate good food and cooking with those I love the most. My location is Johannesburg and English. The new book looks amazing, congratulations it must have taken a lot of hard work

  • Heather de Bruin

    I think that love is one of the biggest motivating emotions which inspires and activates my need/want to cook. I have grown up in a family where food is a celebration and the tables are always groaning and heavy laden with every possible kind of tempting treat. Even though we had many single mothers in our family there was one thing we never ever had, and that was a lack of good food, or a reason to get together , love each other and share the love of each other.

    Add to this 4 years at sea on board a cruise-ship, where I found a passion for great looking as well as great tasting food with a flair on Nouveau Cuisine.

    I am one of those people that have a few, really treasured recipe books with favourites. I love to serve items such as fresh pretzels with my famous courgette and cheddar soup , or my white chocolate eclairs with raspberry coulis. However I am well known to whip up a meal in minutes with what ever I have in the house and my scones and savoury tarts I can make with my eyes closed.

    Your book would be a welcome treasure and your food is truly inspirational. I would love the English version.

    x Heather

  • Tammy Wade Perry

    Just btw, I LOVE your very interesting, out the kitchen, flair for decorating the table! I would NEVER have thought that carrot in a vase could look THAT good!! You are so inspiring! And your chocolate cake has made me VERY hungry now…

  • RehanaSeedat.5

    To me it’s a creative outlet. I enjoy trying out new recipes and techniques and sharing the results with those I love. I also enjoy the sense of accomplishment and peace it gives me to prepare a new dish that others enjoy. I’ve found cooking to actually be relaxing in a lot of ways and do most of my baking in the middle of the night since I am a chronic insomniac (something I share with my late mother). my email: [email protected] as well as [email protected] Have tweetedand shared facebook as well

  • Terri Shaw

    It depends…tomorrow, Thanksgiving Day, I feel a lot of happiness and gratefulness for my family and friends.

  • Che Kershaw

    Cooking generally inspires the emotion of TERROR in me. So it’s only when I’m feeling VERY brave and courageous that I attempt cooking at all. When I do decide to cook (which is rare) it doesn’t matter what it is that I have decided on, because I will usually destroy it in a gas-induced flame. But… there is always hope! 🙂 Sunny South African getting cold in the UK.

  • Rina Van der Berg

    Congrats with your new book.
    Cooking and baking are enjoyable and give great satisfaction….has a calming effect, love it when people enjoy the creations.
    Afrikaans or English would be great, Vredendal, WP

  • Jo

    I would have to say that I cook when I’m feeling creatively brave. It’s the one aspect of my life where I can be a little creative, otherwise I sit behind a computer analysing data. Cooking is very much putting a piece of yourself out there. It is sharing something that you have created, and I think that if you aren’t a brilliant cook that can be quite scary! Sometimes I get it right, and sometimes I get it wrong. But I will always keep at it. I think your recipes and photographs are wonderfully inspiring and leave me thinking “Oooh, I really want to make that”. I’m in Cape Town and would absolutely love an English copy of your book.

  • Angie Ninow

    I would have to describe my emotions while cooking something new, as courage and trepidation. Courage because I am willing to spend my hard earned cash on the ingredients for an unfamiliar dish and trepidation because I am not sure if the meal will be something that my fussy eaters will enjoy. But the one thing I have learnt from my husband (who is an amazing cook, even though he doesn’t get much time to do it) is that if it smells good it will probably taste good too.
    I live in Gauteng, and would love an English copy if I am fortunate enough to win. Thank you

  • Natalie

    When I am completely stressed out and everything is just chaotic I love jumping into my kitchen and making the biggest, most extravagant three course meal. Sometimes I would even have it themed like Chinese, Italian, Mexican or use a certain ingredient through out. By the time I am done cooking I am completely relaxed and happy again and best of all I have a stunning meal to look forward to as well.

    I am local and I would love an english version.

  • Nita

    I bake for fun, and to relax. I would love to try your pound cake- I like “wholesome” cakes( is there such a thing:) ) in English please 😉

  • Rene

    I would love to win the Afrikaans book, but English would be fine as well.

    As for the emotion that makes me cook/eat. That’s a difficult one. When I’m happy I eat and when I’m sad I eat. There really is not a time that I do not enjoy eating.

  • Sarah Houtler

    I love to bake when I am stressed. Being able to make something when nothing else is working out is a precious thing. I like to make Danish Pastry Braids as they force me to be patient and aware of all I am putting into my food. I live in Minneapolis, MN.

  • Kirsty Breen

    would love to win as I am on a serious mission to teach myself to cook!

  • Kimberly Porter

    I recently moved to the Pacific Northwest from a very sunny Southern state, and I find that when I am depressed or sad (by all the gray weather and rain!), I tend to cook a lot of pasta or bake a lot of sweet desserts! I recently made my first batch of homemade butternut squash gnocchi and although it was a bit intimidating, it was delicious and was the highlight of my week. I cook with love and for me, nothing is better than having my husband and daughter enjoy my food over eating out in a restaurant. Your blog has inspired quite a few meals in my home, and I would love to have an English copy of your book in my kitchen!

  • jeanne

    Oh, happiness! I love to bake when I am happy, and sometimes when I bake it cheers me up… so I guess being unhappy inspires me too! I am in Idaho State, USA.

  • Renuka Lallbahadur

    Congrats on your second book, here’s hoping for many more in the near future. My emotions….heck I don’t need emotions to cook and bake. For me as a little child growing up with many siblings food was something that you got little off and you never asked for more because times were tough and money was tight, but through all that my love for food grew stronger each and every day. I started cooking family dinners at the age of 12years. Although there wasn’t much room for practice makes perfect, I still got many compliments from my late dad who always said that my meals were the best he ever tasted. So for me Whenever I cook it’s always made with love, dedication and I aim for perfection. Nowadays my compliments come from lovely husband who after 16 years of marriage still uses words like simply divine, exquisite and lip smacking at each and every meal we have together. I am a local from Durban and I prefer the English version asseblief. You know what they say local is leaker. Keep smiling and continue cooking.

  • Ruth

    I love to cook for other people so I suppose the emotion that motivates me is love! Love baking, especially delectable cakes like the chocolate one in your photograph! I live in Pretoria and would like the English version of your book, should I be so lucky!

  • Nanette Louw

    Hello there Alida! Once again congratulations on your achievement! Being in George in the Western Cape, I am unfortunately not near my mom whom I adore ( she lives in Nelspruit ). So therefore when the longing for my mom gets really bad, I’ll spritz on some of her perfume and pull out some of her tried and tested recipes for supper.. if I then close my eyes and take a deep breath its like im back home in the kitchen with her. If I had to be one of the lucky two winners of your book , I would please prefer an english one ( even though its going to be given to my mom to say thank you for everything she has done and sacrified for me over the years!).

  • renemaia

    Hi. Would love to win a copy in either English or Afrikaans. I love to cook and for me the most important emotion is satisfaction, especially when they keep coming back for more, then I know I did it right.

  • Nanette Louw

    Hello there Alida! Once again congratulations on this beautiful achievement! Being in George in the Western Cape, I am unfortunately not near my mom whom I adore (she lives in Nelspruit). So therefore when the longing for my mom gets really bad, I’ll spritz on some of her perfume and pull out some of her tried and tested recipes for supper.. if I then close my eyes and take a deep breath its like im back home in the kitchen with her. If I am chosen as one of the lucky two to win your book, I would please prefer an english one (even though its going straight to my mom to say thank you for everything!).

  • Tiffany W.

    Happiness. I enjoy cooking for my family and friends. Normally I bake sweets.

    I’m from the US. I read about your cookbook the se7en family’s blog.

  • marty

    I cook for food, as I live in a place with few eating options for a vegetarian. But I also cook for grounding, and for the sheer joy of creating good food from good ingredients. Prepping ingredients can often be a challenge for me, as I have a strong tremor in my hands, so as I go, I often need to remind myself of the Shaker motto: hands to work, hearts to God. Then my impatience with my clumsiness and slowness retreats, leaving me with the present attention of peel, peel, cut, cut, scrape. There. Cooking as meditation!

    I enjoy your blog, and read my cookbooks in English 🙂

  • Heather P

    Congrats on your second cookbook Alida! What an amazing and sense of accomplishment you must feel!

    The kitchen brings a sense of calm and happiness to me. When I cook, I feel home. Knowing that I am creating the meals to nourish my family and friends while creating lifelong memories is overwhelmingly comforting to me.

    Wishing you tons of happiness and prosperity with you new book!

    Cleveland, Ohio USA

  • Amalia

    I have been sitting by my wooden kitchen table for quite some time, trying
    to decide which of the multitude of emotions inspires me the most to cook/eat. Wearing
    my plaid cooking apron for inspiration, my heart jumps from feelings of passion,
    love and generosity to a sense of calm and happiness. But more than anything,
    it is the element of adventure
    involved in cooking that motivates me; how the simplest and humblest of
    ingredients can be transformed into mouth-watering creations, how imagination
    and discovery are an integral part of this process, and how everything hangs on
    that defining moment – the first bite. And much like explorers embarking on their
    journeys into the unknown, every time I try a new recipe (which is more often
    than not), it is this sense of adventure that inspires and fascinates me as I
    throw seemingly random ingredients into the mix. Adventure is not far from my
    kitchen stove even when I am busy preparing a family favourite or a traditional
    Greek meal, as I insist on adding my personal touch each time. Yet part and
    package of being adventurous in cooking is also not being afraid of failure and
    learning from our mistakes; something that has helped me improve my cooking
    abilities as well as overcome occasional frustrations and disappointments. So
    when this sense of adventure prevails, I am ready to cook and taste practically
    anything. Practically… I draw the line at kokoretsi (lamb intestines wrapped in
    seasoned offal) – I leave that to my grandmother.

    I live in Athens, Greece and wish you the best of luck with your new book


  • Meryl Reddy

    I’d have to say that joy inspires me to cook and bake the most. The happiness that encourages me to cook and the positive feedback I get from my nearest and dearest fills my heart with JOY. I have your first book and I absolutely love it because I’ve learned so much as I’m a new bride and still finding my feet in the experimental kitchen. I live in Durban and I’d love an English version of your book 🙂

  • MeeA

    I’m not sure what emotion exactly it is that inspires me to cook… Sometimes, it’s just the feeling that I’m missing something. But food is also my way of showing love. If you’re important to me, chances are I’ll show it by feeding you. This is when I’m most likely to try something new (when I’m entertaining or gathering all my favourite people together for a meal.) Food is also my “having” thing. When I’m depressed and need a pick-me-up, I buy or make food. The rich, decadent, chocolatey kind. When I’m flush and feel like spoiling the family, I buy food. The hearty, filling, healthy kind (salmon, cheeses, fresh herbs that I normally do without, or steaks, roasting veggies – Sunday lunch type stuff…)

    I would LOVE to win one of these books of yours in English (but I’d be just as happy with an Afrikaans one) – I could totally see how it would tie in with my love language!

    I’m a local (Jozi) food lover. Can’t wait to see who the lucky winners are! 🙂

  • Sanchia Goosen

    Confession time: I’m a cooking addict. I love experimenting with recipes, trying new things and of course making family classics. Cooking both relaxes and inspires me (and luckily the hubby enjoys my experimenting)! Preparing food is most certainly a form of love and nothing warms the heart more than preparing and sharing a home cooked meal at the end of a long day. Being a local gal, I’m in love with the fact that we are lucky enough to have such a rich mix of cultures and cooking influences open to us. Suffice it to say that the same meal seldom gets served twice. 🙂

    P.S: Love the photos on this post.
    P.P.S: Either English or Afrikaans would be awesome. Thank you!

  • Willemien

    Being calm and content is what I feel when I start baking bread. The whole process of measuring, mixing and knead just sooths my soul. I live in the Western Cape and would love the book in Afrikaans.

  • Carla Marais

    When I feel melancholic, nostalgic or jumping with joy – one of the first things I like to do is share it with the people around me via food. I am a baker by heart and love baking cakes, biscuits, crème brulee, tarts, pies, quiches, and more!

    Afrikaans and I live in Cape Town

  • Sune Moolman

    I recently stumbled upon a quote by Neil Roake saying that you should first look for someone to eat with before looking for something to eat.

    This is exactly the case with me and my hubby – food just tastes better if we eat together. We love setting the table each night, enjoying our food and having the best conversations while a lazy song (usually
    something by Louis Armstrong or the Editors) is playing in the background.

    Our ultimate indulgence, however, is ice cream. My fridge is stacked with litres of experiments – some more successful than others.

    I live in Pretoria and would like an Afrikaans version of your book.
    Well done! You should be very very proud!

  • Carla Marais

    When I feel melancholic, nostalgic or jumping with joy – one of the first things I like to do is share it with the people around me via food. I am a baker by heart and love baking cakes, biscuits, crème brulee, tarts, pies, quiches, and more!

    Afrikaans and I live in Cape Town

  • Lesmarie Williams

    Love! Love! Love! and not as you may think for the people I love (which I really do) and for the love of food (which I really have) but for the fact that my family LOVE my food! My son (a real foodie) tells me all the time I am the best cook ever (which I am sure I am not) and that each meal is better than the one before (Which may be so) and so I cook for the love it spreads in our family!
    I am a lekker local and would love an English copy of your book!
    Thank you for the inspiration

  • Ann

    When I am stressed i need to bake no matter whether it is biscuits, cake, bread or whatever. Somehow the process of measuring and weighing ingredients and preparing tins calms my frazzled nerves. I am from KZN and would love to win an English copy of your book.

  • Maxine (WhyIamnotSkinny)

    There is a certain type of contentment that I feel as soon as I get into the kitchen. With each whisk, stir and slice, the troubles of the day fall off…
    But essentially – I find that having family and friends around is the biggest motivator for me in the kitchen – and this emotion would be LOVE.
    Therefore I would say that cheesecake is my food of love… I adore trying out new recipes and it is often a firm dessert favourite on my menu!
    I live in Brussels… Belgium (so an English version would be my preference)… but mom lives in Cape Town so delivery there also works!!!

  • Kim Verkleij

    I am going for LOVE;
    When i am home alone and waiting for my boyfriend to come home from work or soccer practice i always get that urge to cook for him, to make something he loves! And then, when he opens the front door…the smell of mac and cheese with chorizo flies in his face:D BAM.. And i think; There’s your love honey;) pure, tasty, comforting LOVE on a plate!

  • Andrea Campbell

    Here I am, early in the morning of the day before the day before Thanksgiving (that would be Tuesday!) planning out the next two days of cooking projects. And you’ve asked us to tell you about the emotion that sparks our desire to cook. For me, it’s thankfulness, not just at this time of year, but always. Being thankful for the wonderful family and the dear friends I have — knowing that they are indeed gifts, makes me want to return their love with delicious and beautiful food. Like all of us who truly love to cook, I find that the looks of anticipation on the faces of those we love and the “oh my goodnesses!” when they savor the first bite is a true high! Life is good!
    I am writing from our little town of Delhi in the Catskill Mountains of Upstate New York, and I would like an English version if I am lucky enough to win.

  • Chloë van Rensburg

    I found you on Pinterest and have been loving your work since then! Congrats on the positive reception to your beautiful book!

    Living in London, at this time of year I get a bit homesick being away from sunny SA! So it’s comfort food all the way for me, something warm and filling for the winter here. This would be my Mom’s simple Pasta with Blue Cheese sauce – a spin on macaroni cheese I suppose. The stronger the blue cheese the better! It reminds me of when my Dad worked night shifts – we’d eat this between us as it wasn’t his favourite – so it was our treat. It’s so rich and satisfying, you want more but can’t manage another mouthful!

    What I enjoy is taking the time to make the white sauce – it focuses my mind and I look forward to the end product. Still, it’s never quite the same as Mom’s!

    I’d like an English copy please 🙂

  • swank_ZA

    To me the emotion that rules the most is the one of Love. It is out of love for my family that I prepare meals, including every morning’s breakfast and sandwiches for them to take to work. I believe a taste of my food should reveal my Love for them and every bite should remind them that the preparation of food and the meal or sandwich was done out of Love. When having guests, my love for life and friends rule my emotions when preparing a meal. Also memories of times we enjoyed with friends play a roll when preparing a special meal for our friends. The biggest emotion a human was born with remains love, this is the first emotion experienced by a Foetus and the first emotion a baby experiences when coming into this World. This is the emotion that drives me and puts me on a high. Every Human wants to love and wants to feel love. Meals in our Home is a token of Love!

  • Johan

    Skuus sien ek nou eers al die requirements, ag ek is op my gelukkigste as die tv op cooking channel is as ek vir vriende kan kook en sien hoe mense dit geniet dit maak my die gelukkigste, probeer local produce gebruik en altyd keen op nuwe dinge te experiment en te leer

  • Valerie Teresa Smit

    I am no doubt a foodie and cooking homemade meals daily for my family is never a chore in our home.

    My best meals are cooked with so many emotions, so I have listed my top 5 as part of my personal “emotion-apron” that I don for each meal. Mealtime is not just a physical need…in our home it’s an EVENT!

    1.Greed: my husband and I are BEEEG eaters and meals are prepared simply because we want to indulge and we want to indulge a lot…

    2. Satisfaction: This certainly drives my meal choice and ingredients choice-how I’ll feel once it’s tasted and
    eaten! Yum!

    3. Appreciation: I am very practical when I cook and I try and use everything I can before it goes bad, so
    as to not waste fresh ingredients. This really makes me feel much more appreciative of my special creations.

    4. Passion: You can’t be a daily kitchen slogger without this very important emotion! It helps me
    re-invent my meal “regulars” and keep my family surprised.

    5. Love: You know what they say, above all these things put on love, which is the bond of perfection.

    My favourites to prepare and eat are curries with homemade soft routis and all the sambal trimmings (just about in any form and I make beef, lamb, chicken, mince or bean curries frequently) or sweet treats 🙂 Baking is still a new area for me as I always lean towards savoury, but it is so rewarding and

    P.S I am a local Capetonian and even though I am married to a boer and have the surname Smit, I would very much love an English version please!

    • Joline


      • Valerie Teresa Smit

        <3 Right back at ya maatjie xx

  • Moz

    Knowing I am preparing for my family, get’s my creative juices flowing. My kids live the other side of the country, so when we are all together, I try to cook all the lovely things they enjoy. It can be quite a mix but all goes down extremely well. So the emotion is love of family and the food is always favorite comfort foods. I live in South Africa and would love to receive a copy of your awesome new book (english). It would make my year! Thanks for an awesome blog!

  • Johan

    Oh bummer already ordered in Kalahari, will keep the signed copy for myself, will I win ?
    lets see 🙂

  • Wendy du Plessis

    Having recently become the mom to twins and a toddler, I find the emotion that most inspires me to cook is my urge to nurture – whether it be my immediate or extended family, our friends and their new families, I love to know what I make with my hands will fill their tummies, make them happy and create wonderful memories. More and more I am inspired to cook the classics – my mom’s roast chicken, melt in your mouth lamb shanks, melanzane and pâté.
    I’m in Johannesburg and would love English please!

  • Yogana Reddy

    I love to cook with passion…try different things and love to see peoples expressions when they take the first bite.

  • sueffun

    I adore baking, patisserie and desserts and the pure joy at the response I get from my beautiful family and friends when I make them something sweet, makes me feel as if I have been swaddled in love. It’s difficult to actually describe if you haven’t experienced it, but it’s something really special. I am in Durban and would love an English version of your book.
    I have your first book and follow you on Pinterest and your blog as all your recipes work, so I use them a lot.

  • Nicola Meyer

    Love and happiness inspires me to cook and I love to bake delicious puddings or cakes.
    Especially love to make lemon meringue.
    I’m in KZN and would love an English book.
    [email protected]

  • Gwynn Smith

    I love your style of cooking, over the top and unpretentious at the same time. I would love one of your cookbooks, in English please>

  • Alexandra

    I love to cook when I get homesick, missing my family and especially my mom and her great food.
    There was always something delicious to eat at her house, no matter how many people I brought with or at what time.
    Now, when I go visit them in Germany, where I am actually born, my mom makes all the delicious meals that I love. And I completely overindulge.
    So when I am in that homesick mood I love to make homey comfort food like Lasagne, or I bake a cake. The leftovers I usually take to work, because it makes me happy to see all my co workers enjoying whatever cake I make. They keep on asking about my German Apple Tart :).
    Travelling a lot I missed that time to stand in the kitchen with my mom and learn all her little secrets. So now when I want to try one of her recipes or try something new we are on the phone, or I what’s app her a picture to make sure it looks right.
    Cooking is amazing, and just gives me a great feeling when we sit down together, with family and friends, to enjoy whatever I have prepared.
    I live in Tzaneen/Limpopo and would LOOOOVE to win one of your books in English.

  • Bertha Spangenberg

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE.. food and love go hand in hand, and what drives me to cook day in and day out is LOVE, Love for my husband and baby daughter. What food to cook?.. What is better than pasta or pizza and a bottle of red wine or something warm and comforting like oxtail… I am a local, Durban. Would love an english book

  • Katarina Strydom

    Inspiration – simply fresh ingredietns! When I go shopping and pick up a bunch of tomatoes and they smell so divide you just want to roast them. Or seeing lovely ripe watermelon, thinking salad for summer, Fresh fish!!!!! so many posibilities, but kids love fresh fish fingers! I simply get inspired by seeing and smelling food! I am a “import” as my hubby calls me from Europe, live locally for the past 9 years but still would prefer a copy in English please:)

    Thanks Alida!

  • Megs H

    Such a FANTASTIC GIVEAWAY! This has “Megs” written all over it! Hello!
    My love of cooking and baking? Oh please please please pick me ? Comfort and Joy is the emotion/feeling I get when cooking and baking! Nothing radiates my spirit as warmly as food favourites in my household, whether it’s baking sugar cookies with my daughter in our cozy kitchen, or gathering the family
    around the dinner table for Macaroni and cheese. But it’s not just the memories made from making these decadent treats and meals; it’s the giving and sharing food that I treasure. Certain tastes and smells from various treats and/or meals create
    a sense of nostalgia for me. Some in particular are the ingredients in chocolate cake. Shared your giveaway on Twitter too (@flutterbymegs)! I am from East London in the Eastern Cape and I would like an English copy of your book 🙂 Fingers crossed! xxx

  • Yolika Swart

    I cook when I am stressed, it relaxes me and clears my head. Baking on the otherhand, I only do when I’m happy, otherwise it flops…… I am local, live in Cape Town and would love an English copy please. 🙂

  • karientjie16

    I enjoy cooking the most when I’m happy and energetic! Hate cooking when I have NO energy! My favourite is to cook pancakes and that I do when I’m at my happiest, and especially when my 5 year old daughter helps me (she sprinkles the cinnamon sugar on the finished pancakes). I don’t mind winning an English or an Afrikaans cook book, I can read and understand both 😉 Wonderful give-away! Thank you so much! Definitely holding thumbs I win!!!! 🙂 Love the spoons too!!! 😉

  • Joline

    I wear my heart on a plate. I express my love for the people in my life by cooking recipes that has been past down from my mother and grand mother. When I am entertaining I am in my element! Growing up I was one of 6 children and my mother and granny showed me that food brings families together, Sunday roast with green beans, crispy potato wedges, sweet carrots and of course my Ouma Joey’s Jan Ellis Pudding with custard! I received your first book, Heerlik & Maklik as a birthday present from my best friend, Valerie Teresa Smit and draw inspiration from it regularly. I live in Cape Town and would love an Afrikaans copy.

  • femmegypsy

    The photos are absolutely gorgeous so cannot wait to get my hands on the entire book! Everyone always says that they eat when they are depressed/sad/bored and this is definitely true for me but this is when I eat crap! I will launch into a bag of chips and a slab of chocolate slugged down with coke… Gorgeous and tasty food that needs to be created with care and love (but is still easy to make) is a bit of a “hobby” that I love indulging in when I am feeling inspired, happy and loved. The only time that I really want to cook is when I have friends or family coming over. There is nothing like sharing great food! I will always cook something different but am definitely not one for standing in the kitchen for hours prepping and cooking. As a general rule I don’t make anything that takes longer than an hour from start to finish! I love salads/nachos/wraps and that kind of thing for blissful summery meals and soups and stews in winter for some healthy indulgence. I am based in Jhb 🙂 Lovely competition X

  • Sonja McKaiser

    Love and pleasure are the 2 emotions that inspire me to cook. It gives me such great pleasure to prepare and share food with those I love. I am based in Cape Town and would love an English copy please. Thank you.

  • Tami

    Eating is about sharing and love and laughter so I remember the special treat of pudding on a Sunday afternoon after a huge roast lunch or the boozy Christmas trifle I looked forward to every year (it was never made at any other time of the year) or that Saturday afternoon chocolate cake with ice cold milk after a time of baking with the kids in the morning. To think of a specific time and meal is so difficult as it is so well woven into my life but the common factor is always made with love no matter how rushed or what the kitchen looks like xx
    P.S. Yes, I am local and I would love to win an English copy please 🙂

  • Robyn van der Merwe

    My cooking emotion is CURIOSITY. I’m a new cook so experimenting with flavours and textures and techniques is very exciting! I love to cook anything with pasta. Or cheese. Or garlic!

    I’m from Cape Town and would love an English copy of your fabulous book.

  • SandiSplash

    I love food and I hate when I’m rushed to finish a meal or when my meal is not at all as flavoursome as I imagined. I also love seeing other people enjoying my food that is delicious and full of flavour and that’s what inspires me to cook. What I love about your recipes is that my boyfriend loves the ingredients you use and how all the flavours come together. If I win, I know my boyfriend will want to try out everything in the book!

    I’m local – based in Jhb and I’ve love an English copy please.

  • Anita Steenkamp

    Love is what inspires me the most to cook, I have a little girl and the love I feel for my family is. There is no words to describe. When I cook I want to cook the best for them so that they can love the food I give them. Love to cook Creamy pastas and Chocolate Cake. I am local and if I win it doesn’t matter if it is in English or Afrikaans!

  • Tammy Wade Perry

    Awesome awesome giveaway!! <3 I HEART your work! <3

    I like to eat ALL the time (no matter what the emotion…haha!) but I LOVE cooking when I am HAPPY! I usually cook a good old pot of spaghetti bolognaise cos pasta really does make me HAPPY and it is SUCH a comforting and HEART-warming dish! It's my feel good food! ;o)

    I am based in Joburg and I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win an English version of your cookbook!

  • Bridget Hannah

    When I get *excited* I love to cook. But the thing that excites me is what is the important part, and that is any occasion where my family and friends are together. The thought of bringing everyone round a plate of food is my absolute best and this December is an incredibly special one as my sister is coming back for the first time in 2 years after moving to Aus and my other sister is coming down to Cape Town after being in KZN as a ranger. We are so excited to see each other again and this means only ONE thing! Cooking, bubbly and gnt’s! My sisters birthday is on the 7th and we’re “going Greek” but I love to cook any food that is tasty, fresh,seasonal and non-fussy, I’m not very good at plating! I have been following your blog devotedly and would treasure to have that love for food and good times with me! English please 🙂

  • Lee-Ann Aulsebrook

    Love is definitely the emotion that makes me cook! When I feel the love of and for my family it makes me want to go straight to the kitchen and make them something amazing for dinner, or if it’s a weekend then a delicious cake or sweet treat (lemon meringue is a firm favourite at the moment) 🙂 And watching them enjoy what I have made is the most rewarding feeling. There’s nothing like spoiling the ones you love to show them how much you care and appreciate them. My fiance helps by tending to our gorgeous herb and vegetable garden so that there’s always fresh homegrown ingredients for me to cook with! I would love a cookbook!

    From Lee-Ann, Johannesburg

    [email protected]


  • Chrisna Strydom

    The one overwhelming emotion that makes me want to get out the pots and pans is when family and friends gather. That feeling of belonging and being loved, that warm feeling when you are surrounded by loved ones. Especially us Afrikaans folks, where there is a celebration or even just a get together, there is food. So for me, precious time with family and friends will always go hand in hand with a home cooked meal or a braai on a sunny summers day 🙂

  • Bobbee

    When life is a little hard and there are big decisions that need to be made, I bake. Then I share what I made with family and friends it just helps the process. As Christmas approaches I am reminded that this is the first year I won’t be making biscuits and carrot cake with my gran. Memories are made in the kitchen and the heart is warmed when you create something from the heart and it is loved by those who consume it. Johannesburg, South Africa, English

  • Taryn Woods

    I’d definitely consider cooking a form of art. It rejuvenates my senses and gives my life a completely new form of happiness. Nothing beats that undeniable moment of sinking your teeth into a rich and ridiculously moist lint chocolate cake with a salted caramel buttercream. If there is one emotion I can link with good food it would be complete and utter happiness and overall sense satisfaction. It’s almost as if for that small moment of indulgence… I fall in love.

  • Megan

    There are soo many emotions that activates my cooking brain but the one that stands out would have to be when I’m feeling -> courageous! I enjoy cooking all sorts of meals, whether it be vegetarian, mexican or local. With summer around the corner, I have turned to making light dishes – sea food has become my ingredient of choice. I have never made salmon before and this past Sunday, with the weather being absolutely perfect in the Cape – I opted to take on a delicious salmon and mango salad recipe. My boyfriend, who is also my guinea pig absolutely loved it! I will most definitely try something new with the different types of seafood on the market and let my courageous side take over!

    I am a local chick and would love to win your cookbook and learn more from your combinations!

    P.S. – English, please! 🙂

  • Vickie G

    I love to cook for people so I guess the emotion that most influences my cooking is love 🙂 I love baking cakes and my go-to recipe for a special occasion is my White chocolate and orange cake. I’m in Cape Town and I’d love an English copy of your book!

  • Salman Jacobs

    My emotion to cook is “Happiness”…the feeling I also get when I eat my Carrot Cake (with cream-cheese frosting, pistachio nuts). 🙂
    I live in Sandton, Johannesburg – and would love the English version please.

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