Bacon & Cream Cheese Hamburger

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I know, your arteries are clogging up just by looking at this photo right? I am the first to admit that this is not the healthiest thing on earth. Gosh, it’s probably the unhealthiest thing you could eat but what am I to do when it’s my husband’s birthday and he’s favourite thing is Bacon?

I need to clarify though, that my husband is not a ‘foodie’ . He has a few things that he likes and a few things that he doesn’t, but in general he’ll eat anything I put in front of him and he’ll do it with a smile on his face (he better!) .  And, my husband is also not really a birthday person. He enjoys the well wishes and the gifts but he doesn’t thrive on birthdays like I do, for instance. So when it he’s birthday comes around I always want to make it a little bit more special for him by cooking him things that I think he’ll love. And that is how this burger was born.

My husband and I both have a love of most things ‘burger’ and when we find a good one, well, let’s just say we wipe the drool off our chins and dig in! And I’m happy to say that my husband (as well as the family we had over for dinner that night) all fell in love with this burger. My sister-in-law who barely eats anything even made an extra one for her lunch the next day.

I took a few shortcuts to make things a little easier for me. I chose to buy the patties from my butcher (who makes some of the best patties anyway), but if you’d like to make the patties yourself, feel free. It’s very important to get good quality Streaky Bacon and good quality Cream Cheese. I used Lancewood’s Plain Cream Cheese which comes in a ‘brick’-like tub. And then to make this my husband’s ULTIMATE burger, I couldn’t leave out the Mayo. Instead of making my own mayo like I always do, I decided to use Woolworths’ new Burger Mayo which my husband would add to his coffee if he could (at second thought, he probably has!).

I decided not to serve anything with these burgers but some oven-bake chips would go down well, if you have space to still fit them in after eating one of these ginormous burgers!

Bacon & Cream Cheese Burger

The amounts aren’t specific, add as much or as little of everything as you please

Hamburger patties
Streaky Bacon (I worked on 3 slices per burger)
Fresh Burger buns
Plain Cream Cheese, room temperature
To jazz it up even more add any of the following : Sliced Tomato, Fresh Rocket, Fried onions, Gherkins

  • I chose to cook my patties on a flat-top grill but feel free to cook them any way you want to. (There’s nothing better than smelling burgers cooking on a braai!)
  • Place the streaky bacon on a wire-rack and over a baking tray and place into the oven (220°c). Cook until the bacon is crisp and golden.
  • I always like to toast my burger buns (if you’ve fried the patties in a pan, place the burgers cut side down in that same fat to toast and soak up all the yumminess from the patties).
  • Spread some cream cheese on the bottom part of the burger bun, top with a cooked patty and then some bacon. Add some Mayo and other toppings of your choice and enjoy! My mouth is actually watering now, FYI!
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Showing 15 comments
  • Adele

    Your husband is one lucky man. I wonder what mine will think of this? He’s not really into cake either.

  • JehanP

    This is one seriously delicious looking burger!

  • dh

    chopped jalapeno peppers are a good choice with cream cheese, at least if you like spicy

  • Kita

    This post makes my inner fat kid jump for joy. Thank you 🙂

  • Kitchenboy

    Hahaha! I meant “licked my screen!” 🙂

  • Kitchenboy

    Oe jinne! I just liked my screen! It looks delicious! Stuff the protein shakes, I say.

  • Nicole

    im busy wiping down my laptop from all the drool that appeared when i saw the pic!!! This looks delicious and my hubby would go INSANE for this!! I am definatly giving this a go this weekend YUM 🙂

  • Ara

    This looks really yummy will be lunch for work tomorrow!!

  • Marisa

    OH man that looks good! I’ll have to make this for my hubby as well – I’ll be able to get anything out of him after that. 😉

    Oh and PS: Happy birthday to your man! Hope it was a good one.

  • Elmari


    • Ally_R

      Elmari : Njam, Indeed! 🙂

      Marisa : Use it wisely in that case! 🙂 It’s one of my weapons too! 😉 Thanx doll!

      Ara : Did you enjoy it?

      Nicole : I thought you would like this one! Let me know what your hubby thinks. 🙂

      Kitchenboy : If only I could have these everyday and not pick up any weight! 😉

      Kita : LOL! I’m glad I could indulge your ‘fat kid’ ! 😉

      Adele : Thanx man, I try to keep him happy so he doesn’t go looking for ‘burgers’ elsewhere 😉

      dh: That sounds like an incredibly edition! Thanx for the idea!

      Jehan : It is! Try it! 🙂

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