Emoji birthday party

For their 9th birthday, we threw a big Emoji birthday party for the twins. It’s such a fun theme for a kids party and we had such fun with all the party ideas and decorations.

Emoji birthday party table

Emoji birthday party

But listen, deciding on a party theme for their birthday was no easy task. We went all over the place from Minecraft and Video games to Unicorns and a Hawaiian Luau. It was eventually Abi who said “Hey, what about an Emoji party?” and I immediately jumped on the band wagon. It’s such a fun birthday party theme and I knew there would be no shortage of inspiration online.

Still, I wanted a little help so I enlisted the services of Marissa from Konfetti Love to help with the decor and you guys, she did such a fantastic job. Her ideas were so lovely and they absolutely made the party. She also organised some of the snacks and all the baked goods (because listen, I don’t have the time or patience to make gorgeous emoji cookies, cupcakes and that stunning cake)

And I mean, have you EVER seen anything more adorable than these poop emoji cupcakes? They were definitely a hit with the kids and parents alike. I also just loved the Emoji birthday cake she made for us (it’s pretty much an identical replica of the cake emoji, isn’t it?).

Emoji birthday party Poop emoji cupcakes

Emoji birthday cake

On the food front I kept things simple and we took inspiration from all the kids’s favourite food emojis. Pizza, doughnuts, popcorn and cookies. What more could you want?

Emoji birthday party doughnuts

Emoji birthday party popcorn

I also decided to have a little “refreshments center” for all the parents who joined. A little gin & tonic action went down and honestly, I will never host another birthday party without a G&T station. Best. Idea. Ever!

Gin and tonic station birthday party

Emoji birthday party

Emoji birthday party table

Emoji birthday party

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