“One can not think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well. ”   -Virginia Woolf

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Salted caramel and chocolate cups

PinterestFacebookTwitterGoogle+StumbleUponE-mailDelTumblrDiggReddit   Don’t make these salted caramel and chocolate cups. Don’t do it. Because you will not be able to stop eating them and there will be salted caramel left over and you will definitely be standing with a spoon in your hand eating it straight out of the jar at midnight. So just don’t […]

How to make a seed loaf

PinterestFacebookTwitterGoogle+StumbleUponE-mailDelTumblrDiggReddit There are few greater pleasures in life than having freshly baked bread in the house. I’ve spoken about this before in my Potato & Pecorino bread post but I will continue speaking about it until everyone I know (and that means all of you), has baked their own bread. Even just once. The entire […]

Crispy bacon & brie grilled cheese sandwich with caramelised onions

PinterestFacebookTwitterGoogle+StumbleUponE-mailDelTumblrDiggReddit Halllooooo grilled cheese goodness (imagine me saying that in the same way the Animaniacs used to say ‘Hallloooo nurse!’). Isn’t it weird what stuff stays with you from your childhood? I always used to remember that nurse line and then the other day the twins were watching Animaniacs and I was immediately transported back […]

Chicken Breast Recipes

PinterestFacebookTwitterGoogle+StumbleUponE-mailDelTumblrDiggReddit Chicken breasts make their way into my shopping basket weekly but I am often left wondering what on Earth to do with them. I don’t think I’m alone in feeling this way so I decided to compile all my favourite chicken breast recipes in one post. Chicken Souvlaki with Zucchini Tzatziki Butter Chicken Curry […]

Gourmet hot dogs

PinterestFacebookTwitterGoogle+StumbleUponE-mailDelTumblrDiggReddit Today I am pretending I’m American because today is National Hot Dog Day in America and hot damn, I love me a good hot dog. The soft, almost-sweet roll, a good sausage with that proper ‘snap’ and delicious condiments. What’s not to love? To celebrate this delicious day, I made my 3 favourite hot […]

Sticky Sesame chicken

PinterestFacebookTwitterGoogle+StumbleUponE-mailDelTumblrDiggReddit “Another sticky chicken recipe?”, I hear you ask. Yes my friends, the children have spoken and as all parents know, when your children speak, you must listen. When the twins asked me to make sticky chicken for dinner a few nights ago, I couldn’t for the life of me stand making the same recipes […]
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