“One can not think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well. ”   -Virginia Woolf

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Gourmet hot dogs

Today I am pretending I’m American because today is National Hot Dog Day in America and hot damn, I love me a good hot dog. The soft, almost-sweet roll, a good sausage with that proper ‘snap’ and delicious condiments. What’s not to love? To celebrate this delicious day, I made my 3 favourite hot dogs […]

Sticky Sesame chicken

“Another sticky chicken recipe?”, I hear you ask. Yes my friends, the children have spoken and as all parents know, when your children speak, you must listen. When the twins asked me to make sticky chicken for dinner a few nights ago, I couldn’t for the life of me stand making the same recipes again. […]

Roasted sweet corn and feta quiche

There’s been a whole lot of roasted corn action in my kitchen lately. As a South African, corn (or “mielies” as we call them) is drilled into my heritage. When you go on holiday, driving past kilometres of corn fields is the norm and seeing vendors selling huge mielies still with their husks attached is […]

Vegetarian Enchilada Casserole

This is the thing with being a food blogger. Sometimes you shoot food that not only tastes great but also looks really great. Just as there are people that are super photogenic, so there are recipes that are photogenic. This is not one of those. Don’t get me wrong, it looks like golden-cheesy-deliciousness but it’s […]

Cauliflower cheese pastries

Well hallo there crisp pastry goodness. Raise your hand if you could eat pastry in every single way, every single day (hey, that rhymes!). *raises both hands and a foot* I mean, how are you meant to not love pastry? With its beautiful crisp, golden exterior and its buttery interior? No sane person will say […]

Caprese Bruschetta

So here’s the thing with Caprese. It works  in any way, shape or form. Whether you use this classic flavour combination to flavour a delicious Mac & Cheese or use it to roast tomatoes, it just works. I guess that’s why it’s a classic, hey? So it’s no surprise then that I gravitate towards Caprese-Anything […]
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