“One can not think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well. ”   -Virginia Woolf

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Double steak burgers

A while ago, the wonderful people at Woolworths asked me if I’d like to be part of their new campaign they’re running alongside Masterchef SA called “Cook with Friends”. The idea is that you get 3 of your friends together and you cook a meal from their new app. Of course I said yes […]

Labneh with lemon and thyme and Ciabatta toasts

So I’m just getting straight down to business today. If you make this Labneh subtly flavoured with lemon zest and thyme served with crunchy ciabatta toasts, your guests will think you are a goddess (or god). They will sing your praises and tell you that they are not worthy. Well, maybe not quite but […]

Eggs Benedict on Hash browns

It’s FRIDAY!!! This has been one heck of a long week for me and I am so incredibly happy that the weekend is finally here. Also, Summer has arrived with a bang in South Africa. A week ago I was wearing woolly socks and jerseys to bed and now I’m lying on my bed […]

Sesame chicken and vegetable noodle bowls with coconut broth

I blame David Chang for this obsession I have with saucy, soupy noodles lately. Ever since watching the first season of his absolutely brilliant series “The Mind of a Chef”, I have been craving noodles almost daily. Just when I think I’m over it, I remember him slurping the perfect Ramen noodles in Japan […]

The Ultimate breakfast sandwiches

If I had to only eat one meal for the rest of my life, it would be breakfast. I adore breakfast. In every way, shape and form. There’s just nothing like a good, perfectly cooked egg with some crusty bread and maybe a bit of bacon and oooh some roasted tomatoes and mushrooms… See? […]

Coconut, almond and white chocolate blondies

You know, as a recipe developer I have days where I cook up to 15 recipes in a sitting. I have flavours, combinations and textures going through my head constantly but every now and then, there are ideas that come up that make me feel like I am HestonBlumenthalBrilliant. I mean clearly, I’m not, […]
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