Easy breakfast recipes

Inspiration for easy, fuss-free and fast breakfast recipes for busy weekdays. From eggs and easy bakes to smoothies and freezer sandwiches. We all need easy breakfast recipes, don’t we? I [...]

Easy Coconut curry chicken thighs

Succulent chicken thighs cooked in a rich, aromatic coconut curry sauce with vibrant broccoli. Is this the perfect weeknight meal, or what? You know those days when you stand in front of the [...]

Chicken Caprese salad

This simple Caprese salad with juicy pan-seared chicken and creamy avocado is your easy, healthy lunch or dinner dreams come true. I don’t know about you but chicken salad is the one recipe [...]

Crispy bacon & brie grilled cheese sandwich with caramelised onions

The perfect crispy melty brie grilled cheese sandwich with melty crispy bacon and sweet caramelised onions. This is fall comfort food at its best. Halllooooo melty brie grilled cheese goodness! A [...]


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