Easter Recipes

Whether you’re looking for the perfect appetizer or scrumptious side dishes for your Easter feast, we have you covered. From succulent roast lamb to the perfect lemon meringue pie, these Easter recipes are guaranteed to impress.

All the Easter recipes you need for the perfect feast.

Easter Brunch Recipes

Make-ahead breakfast casserole, fluffy pancakes, creamy scrambled eggs and more. These recipes will ensure your Easter brunch is a hit.

Easter Appetizers

Having a small bite ready for when your guests arrive is always a great idea. These Easter appetizers are all absolutely delicious and easy to prepare in advance.

Easter Main Dishes

Whether you want to go the traditional route or serve something lighter, you’re going to love our Easter mains recipes. Succulent roast lamb, glorious glazed ham, baked salmon and spatchcock chicken, the options are endless.

Easter Side dishes

We all know the real star of the show at any big holiday meal are the sides you serve alongside the main. Of course potatoes need to show up but maple glazed carrots, bacon-sautéed green beans and a spring vegetable salad are all showstoppers in their own right.

Easter Dessert Recipes

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