Christmas Leftovers Recipes

If you have leftover turkey, leftover ham or leftover side dishes after Christmas, this is the list for you. Everything from creamy butter turkey curry to grilled cheese sandwiches, we have a plethora of ideas for Christmas Leftovers Recipes.

Christmas Leftovers Recipes

Leftover Turkey Recipes

Turkey is a delicious protein to have on hand and after Christmas or Thanksgiving, it’s easy to have a lot of it. Luckily it’s also one of the most versatile meats to cook with and can be used in almost any way cooked chicken can. In fact, I’ve included a few chicken recipes here and you can easily sub in chopped or shredded cooked turkey.

Leftover Ham Recipes

There’s nothing better after Christmas than having lots of leftover ham. We love it on everything from sandwiches to pasta bakes.

Side Dish Leftover Recipes

Side dishes like stuffing, brussels sprouts and mashed potatoes are all versatile and can be used in a variety of ways the days following Christmas.

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