Our top Mother’s Day recipes

Our top Mother's day recipes

Mother’s day is right around the corner and for me, as a mom, there is nothing better than my family spoiling me with delicious food and then allowing me to go lie on my bed, by myself, to watch YouTube videos or just enjoy the silence. Because I’m going to be real with you, I love my kids and my husband to death but the only gift I really want is quiet. That’s it. Oh, and obviously delicious food. And that’s where this post comes in really handy. Below you’ll find tons of recipes for the ultimate Mother’s day brunch. Everything from fancy ways with eggs to suitable breads to serve alongside, a few sweet treats, pastries and even some options for drinks. Because at the end of the day moms just want to feel loved and appreciated and there’s no way to show that appreciation more than by cooking her a fantastic meal and showering her with love.

Eggs, Pancakes and other mains

Croque Madame

Croque Madame

Baked eggs with creamy spinach and chorizo

Baked eggs with spinach, chorizo and feta

Eggs Benedict on crispy hashbrowns

Eggs benedict with hash browns

Low carb breakfast berry parfaits

Low carb berry breakfast parfaits

Creamy oatmeal breakfast bowls

Creamy oats breakfast bowls

Classic buttermilk pancakes

Buttermilk Pancakes

Healthy banana oat pancakes

Healthy Banana Oat pancakes

Lemon French toast

Lemon French toast with strawberries

Bread and pastries

Broccoli cheese puffs

Broccoli cheese puffs

Brioche Loaf

Brioche loaf

Seed loaf

Seed loaf

Pumpkin and goat’s cheese muffins

Pumpkin goat's cheese muffins

Buttermilk scones with easy strawberry jam

Buttermilk scones with easy strawberry jam

Banana, date and pecan muffins with cinnamon sugar

Banana, date and pecan muffins

French onion soup puffs

French onion soup puffs

Bacon corn bread 

Bacon corn bread

Cakes, Pies and other sweet treats

Crème brûlée doughnuts

Crème brûlée doughnuts

Mixed berry lattice pie with homemade shortcrust pastry  

Mixed berry lattice pie

Spiced pear butter cake

Spiced pear butter cake

White chocolate and fresh berry tartelettes

White Chocolate Tartelettes with berries

Grapefruit almond cake 

Grapefruit and almond cake

Sticky Cinnamon buns with pecan nuts

Sticky cinnamon buns with pecan nuts

Chocolate cake with salted praline filling and dulce de leche  

Chocolate dulce de leche cake

Lemon yoghurt cake with white chocolate frosting 

Lemon yoghurt cake with white chocolate frosting


DIY Flavoured water

Pineapple kiwi and passion fruit flavored water

Berry, oat and coconut smoothie

Berry Smoothie

Ultimate iced coffee

My ultimate Iced Coffee

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