The 20+ Best Salmon Recipes

Salmon is a delicious, healthy source of protein and incredibly versatile. It’s also cooks in minutes, making it the perfect choice for busy weeknights. These recipes have you covered for every season of the year. From light and fresh seared salmon to rich, creamy salmon curry, there’s something for everyone. And if salmon isn’t readily available where you are, don’t worry! These recipes work just as well with other types of fish.

Creamy Cajun Salmon

Salmon fillet recipes

  1. Creamy Cajun Salmon. Cajun salmon cooked in creamy garlic herb sauce is the most delicious 15 minute, one pan dinner recipe. Weeknight dinner, sorted!
  2. Lemon Garlic Sheet Pan Salmon. Flavored with fresh garlic, lemon and chilli flakes, this sheet pan salmon recipe is the perfect weeknight dinner. Adding new potatoes and broccolini to the pan makes this an easy, no-fuss meal with easy clean-up.
  3. Creamy salmon pasta. Seared salmon in creamy dill sauce on pasta. This easy dinner recipe takes minutes to make and will be a hit with your friends and family.
  4. Garlic Butter Air Fryer Salmon. The juiciest salmon done in 10 minutes with no fuss. This Air Fryer salmon recipe with garlic butter is a weeknight dinner hero!
  5. Miso Salmon with Garlic Noodles. Sweet and aromatic miso salmon served with sesame garlic noodles is a ridiculously easy, showstopper recipe.
  6. Blackened Salmon Tacos with Smashed Avocado. Spicy, perfectly cooked blackened salmon tacos with smashed avocado and crispy slaw. Fresh, zesty and absolutely delicious.
  7. Easy Pan Seared Salmon with Dill Yogurt Sauce. Juicy pan seared salmon is the easiest, healthy dinner recipe, taking less than 10 minutes from prep to plate. Serving the salmon with a no-cook yogurt sauce takes it up a few good notches.
  8. Easy Creamy Salmon Curry. Pieces of juicy salmon cooked in a creamy, aromatic curry sauce makes this easy salmon curry the perfect weeknight dinner recipe served with rice, naan bread or roti to mop up that delicious sauce.
  9. 20-minute Honey Garlic Salmon. This easy honey garlic salmon cooked in a sweet glaze is a delicious dinner recipe ready in 20 minutes. Serve with simple sides for a fantastic meal.
  10. White wine garlic salmon. Juicy, tender salmon pan fried and cooked in a delicious white wine garlic sauce is an easy,fool-proof recipe. Perfect served with greens for dinner.
  11. Creamy garlic butter salmon. Creamy garlic butter salmon takes 20 minutes to cook and is a delicious easy recipe for dinner. The creamy sauce is perfect for serving with steamed rice.
Baked Honey Miso Salmon

Baked salmon recipes

  1. Garlic herb butter baked salmon. Succulent baked salmon flavored with garlic herb butter is a showstopper main dish. It’s perfect with a variety of side dishes and will impress anyone you serve it to.
  2. Easy sweet chilli oven baked salmon. Easy oven baked salmon glazed with a simple sweet chilli glaze is a simple, delicious dinner recipe and is great for meal prepping ahead.
  3. Baked Honey Miso Salmon. Juicy honey miso salmon, baked until sticky and caramelized is the perfect easy dinner recipe served with rice and greens. This is a delicious way to prepare fresh salmon that takes minutes to throw together. The miso glaze is full of flavor and tastes amazing with the rich salmon.
  4. Salmon en Croute with Dill Cream Sauce. Crispy, buttery puff pastry folded around succulent salmon and spinach makes this salmon en croute the ultimate showstopper dinner.
  5. Baked sticky apricot salmon. Apricot salmon baked until sticky and glossy is the most delicious, easiest dinner recipe served with broccoli and is perfect for meal prep.
Bagel with smoked salmon, cream cheese and capers.

Smoked salmon recipes

  1. Easy Smoked Salmon Dip. Creamy smoked salmon dip with dill, chives and fresh lemon is the perfect appetizer served with crackers or crusty bread.
  2. Boursin smoked salmon egg roulade. This easy omelet roll filled with Boursin cheese, smoked salmon, capers and arugula (rocket) is a delicious, showstopping brunch recipe.
  3. Smoked salmon chive devilled eggs. Smoked salmon chive devilled eggs are the perfect easy gluten free and low carb appetizer. Make them ahead for effortless entertaining.
  4. Easy bagel board. This bagel board is the perfect brunch for feeding a crowd. Pile all your favorite bagels and toppings onto a board and serve!

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