My top 10 Christmas recipes

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Christmas recipes

Christmas is without-a-doubt my favourite holiday. I love that everyone has that festive spirit and the happiness that floats in the air. I love that I get to spend more time with my family and that we get to spend lazy days together laughing, playing board games and making memories. And along with all of that comes the food. Oh, the food. Is there anything better than Christmas food? I seriously doubt it. I pride myself on my festive recipes because, of course, they are bloody delicious but also because I put just that little bit more love and attention into them. These are the recipes I hope my family remembers me for because they are the ones that have the most memories and nostalgia attached. So without further ado, here’s my top 10 Christmas recipes for 2015.

Fried Goat’s cheese salad

Fried goat's cheese salad

Every good Christmas meal needs a stunning salad/starter and this one with crispy fried goat’s cheese, peppery rocket and sweet, juicy pomegranate rubies is a show stopper.

Prosciutto and melon skewers

melon skewers

This classic Italian combination makes for perfect festive snacking and makes a beautiful canapé as well as a great addition to anti-pasto style eating.

Pumpkin risotto with haloumi pops and chilli syrup 

pumpkin risotto

This creamy pumpking risotto with salty haloumi pops and a spicy chilli syrup is the ultimate side dish or vegetarian main and will knock your guests’ socks off.

Creamy mushroom pot pie

Creamy mushroom pot pie

Pot pie is the ultimate comfort food and this creamy mushroom one will be a sure hit at your festive meal. It also makes a great vegetarian main.

Prime rib roast

prime rib roast

If turkey isn’t your thing, this glorious prime rib roast is the perfect beefy centerpiece for your Festive feast.

My gran’s turkey with bread stuffing

My gran's turkey with bread stuffing

Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas if there wasn’t a huge, gloriously golden roast turkey in the center of the table. My gran’s recipe ensures a perfectly juicy, succulent and savoury turkey and the stuffing is the thing food dreams are made of.

Braised brussels sprouts with bacon

braised brussels sprouts with bacon

I used to despise Brussels sprouts but since I started cooking them like this, they are one of my absolute favourite side dishes, any time of the year.

Festive Pavlovas with berries and cream 

Festive pavlova with berries and cream

These beauties make for such a lovely end to your Christmas meal. The berries can swapped out for passion fruit, stewed apples/pears or juicy clementine segments.

Classic fruit cake with salted maple syrup 

Fruit cake with salted maple syrup

Love it or hate it, few foods are as synonymous with Christmas as a fruit cake. This glorious version drenched in a boozy salted maple syrup is a winner.

Sparkling pear, cranberry and vodka cocktail

sparkling pear, cranberry and vodka

Every Christmas party needs a fabulous cocktail and this one with sparkling pear juice, cranberry juice and vodka will have your guests Merry in a heartbeat.

What are your favourite Christmas recipes? Are there any you wouldn’t dare to leave out for your Festive feast? I’d love to know!


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