Bacon, mushroom and crispy onion pizza and the ultimate steak salad

  As the warmth of Summer gives way to the chilly days of autumn, many people hang up their braai tongs and pack away the charcoal in anticipation of time spent indoors. I’m here to tell you [...]

Onion and feta fritters with sweet chilli soy dipping sauce + Win a cheese hamper

Listen, we’re starting this week off with a little bit of indulgence but sometimes on a Monday, that’s exactly what you need. Because you guys, why do I still hate Mondays so much?! I [...]

Mexican chicken soup with charred baby corn

Ok disclaimer time: This soup is probably not at all Mexican but listen, adding all those icious spices and then topping it with avocado made it taste quite a lot like icious chicken tacos in [...]

Roasted butternut and buffalo mozzarella pasta bake

Yeah, so this is happening right now. Allllll of that cheese and sweet roasted butternut and perfect pasta. All going down as we speak. Because did you know that left-over pasta makes for a great [...]

Easy Sticky Apricot Chicken

Listen, let’s not beat around the bush here, we all know I am slightly obsessed with chicken. A quick gander through this blog will give you all the evidence you need. I it roasted, fried [...]