Christmas Side Dishes

Side dishes are a crucial part of any festive feast and if you’re looking for some inspiration for your holiday spread, you’re guaranteed to find it here. Everything from crispy potatoes, creamy gratins, the very best Brussels sprouts recipe and delicious salads, we have your Christmas side dishes covered.

Christmas side dishes

Hasselback Potatoes with Bacon Butter

Potato Side Dishes

Potatoes are everybody’s favorite go-to side dish, right? Not only are they absolutely delicious, they’re also so versatile. From crispy roast potatoes to creamy mash and delicious potatoes au gratin, you’re guaranteed to find a dish you love among these glorious potato side dishes.

  1. Hasselback Potatoes with Bacon ButterCrispy on the outside, creamy on the inside, these Hasselback potatoes served with delectable sage bacon butter is a showstopping side dish.
  2. Creamy Hasselback Potato Gratin. Creamy interior with a crispy top, this creamy hasselback potato gratin is a delicious side dish recipe, perfect for any meal.
  3. Crispy Salt and Vinegar Roasted Potatoes. The crispiest, most delicious roasted potatoes flavored with salt and vinegar. These potatoes are the perfect side dish and are guaranteed to be a hit so make double because everyone is going to want seconds!
  4. Three cheese potatoes au gratin. Layered with butter, cream, three cheeses and garlic before being baked until golden and bubbling, potatoes au gratin is the perfect side dish.
  5. Bacon Fat Crispy Smashed Baby Potatoes. Crispy smashed baby potatoes cooked in bacon fat flavored with thyme and garlic. The perfect side dish served with sour cream and chives.
  6. Cacio e pepe mashed potatoes. Creamy Cacio e pepe mashed potatoes is flavored with Parmesan cheese, black pepper and garlic and is the perfect side dish recipe.
  7. Easy candied sweet potatoes. This recipe for candied sweet potatoes is an easy, one-pan wonder. It’s a delicious side dish and perfect for feeding a crowd.
  8. Twice baked potatoes. The perfect combination of creamy and crispy.

Brussels sprouts on cheese sauce with prosciutto crumbs

Vegetable Side Dishes

Vegetables can be showstoppers on their own and these veggie sides prove that. Whether crispy and roasted or coated in a creamy sauce, you’re going to fall in love with these delicious recipes.

  1. Brussels sprouts on cheese sauce with prosciutto crumbs. Crispy roasted Brussels Sprouts served on creamy cheese sauce with prosciutto breadcrumbs is the perfect side dish recipe.
  2. Creamy Spinach Gratin. This creamy spinach gratin is an easy but absolutely delicious side dish. It’s as perfect for a simple weeknight dinner as it is a Thanksgiving feast.
  3. Vegetable lasagna. Vegetarian lasagna layered with creamy ricotta, aromatic tomato and vegetable sauce and mozzarella cheese is the perfect meat free dinner recipe.
  4. Bacon garlic sauteed green beans. Garlic sauteed green beans with crispy bacon is an easy, gluten free side dish. Serve with your favorite protein for a delicious dinner.
  5. Cauliflower cheese. Cauliflower cheese is a Sunday lunch classic side dish but can also easily be a fantastic vegetarian centerpiece for weeknight dinners or family feasts.
  6. 10-minute lemon garlic sautéed broccolini. This recipe for 10-minute sautéed broccolini flavored with garlic, lemon and chilli flakes is a delicious and easy side dish.
  7. Cheesy Broccoli Casserole. Cheesy broccoli casserole is a great make-ahead side dish. Perfect for everything from a simple weeknight dinner to a Thanksgiving feast.
  8. Honey thyme mashed sweet potatoes. The creamiest mashed sweet potatoes ever! Flavored with honey, thyme and butter, these sweet potatoes are the perfect side dish.
  9. Creamy vegetable pot pie. This creamy vegetarian pot pie is the ultimate dinner recipe. Filled with fresh vegetables, creamy cheese sauce and topped with puff pastry, it’s the meatless meal you’ve been dreaming about.
  10. Fresh Green Bean Casserole. Made from scratch, this green bean casserole recipe is a levelled up version of the classic. Fresh beans, creamy mushroom sauce (not a soup can in sight!) and crispy onions make this a truly delicious side dish recipe, any time of the year.
  11. Easy cauliflower mash. Smooth, buttery cauliflower mash is the perfect comforting side dish that happens to be gluten free and low carb too!
  12. Orange brown sugar glazed carrots. Sweet and tender, orange brown sugar glazed carrots are an excellent side dish for everything from every day dinners to festive feasts.
  13. Cauliflower Cheese Pot Pie. If you love cauliflower cheese, you’re going to LOVE this cheesy cauliflower pot pie. It’s the perfect meat-free meal and great for dinner served with a simple salad or steamed greens.
  14. Cheesy vegetable bake. This easy cheesy vegetable bake is simple comfort food at its finest. It is the perfect vegetarian meal or decadent side dish.
  15. Easy Garlic Butter Sautéed Brussels Sprouts. The perfect easy, healthy side dish, this sautéed Brussels sprouts recipe with garlic butter is ready to eat in minutes and so tasty.

Bread Recipes

Soft, fluffy, crusty. Whatever form your chosen bread comes in, they are phenomenal as a side dish for almost any meal.

  1. Easy bread stuffing. My grandmother’s easy bread stuffing is a family favorite because it’s so delicious and easy to make. No Thanksgiving/Christmas is complete without it.
  2. Cheesy Christmas Tree Pull Apart Bread. This Christmassy, cheese-stuffed, pull apart bread is a delicious festive appetizer. A guaranteed showstopping centerpiece to your feast table.
  3. Soft Pumpkin Dinner Rolls with Sage Butter. Pumpkin pull apart rolls with sage butter is going to be the side dish of the season. They are soft, fluffy and simply delicious.
  4. Easy focaccia bread. This focaccia bread recipe is easy to make and so satisfying to eat. Soft on the inside, crisp on the outside flavored simply with olive oil and salt.
  5. Easy garlic butter dinner rolls. Soft and fluffy dinner rolls baked until golden then brushed with garlic and oregano-infused butter is a delicious, easy side dish recipe.
  6. Cheese and herb Irish soda bread. Irish soda bread flavored with cheese and herbs is the perfect, easy bread to serve with hearty stews or soups. It’s also perfect served simply with butter and the ultimate side dish for St. Patrick’s day.
  7. Easy crusty jalapeño cheese bread. Crusty cheese bread studded with jalapeños is an easy bread recipe guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser. Perfect for grilled cheese or as a side to soup.
  8. Rosemary Pecorino Potato bread. This potato bread flavored with Pecorino and rosemary is a delicious homemade bread recipe, perfect served warm with butter.
  9. Garlic butter bread wreath with fondue dip. Is there anything than soft, fluffy bread rolls dipped in cheese? I think not. This festive bread wreath with fondue dip is going to be a crowd pleasing appetizer this holiday season.

Winter grain salad with Brussels sprouts and sweet potato

Salad Side Dishes for Christmas

Salads do NOT have to be boring. This round-up of salads are great as side dishes but work just as well for healthy lunches during the festive season.

  1. Winter grain salad with Brussels sprouts and sweet potato. This sweet potato salad is a delicious winter side dish, lunch or light dinner. Roasted sweet potato and Brussels sprouts, creamy avocado, cubes of feta cheese and sweet pomegranate add texture and crunch with bulgur wheat forming the base of the salad.
  2. Roasted butternut salad with danish feta and cranberries. A delicious, hearty salad to serve alongside any of your favorite protein mains.
  3. Easy tomato feta green bean salad. This green bean salad with juicy tomatoes and cubes of feta cheese with a simple garlic lemon vinaigrette is a delicious, healthy and easy side dish recipe.
  4. Fried goat’s cheese and pomegranate salad. A show stopping side dish or appetizer salad.
  5. Lentil salad with bacon, pear and gorgonzola. If you’re a fan of lentils, you’ve love this filling salad with bacon, pears and gorgonzola cheese.
  6. Pea and feta quinoa salad. Quinoa salad with sweet spring peas, creamy feta and red onion with easy lemon dressing is the perfect recipe to meal prep ahead for fuss-free lunches. It’s also a great side dish for grilled chicken, fish or meat.
  7. Quick and Easy Lemon Parmesan Cabbage Salad. The easiest cabbage salad with almonds and lemon Parmesan dressing is crunchy, zesty and perfect served with almost any main.
  8. Whole-wheat couscous salad with haloumi and sweet potato. The haloumi cheese is the clear showstopper here and the spicy dressing takes the whole thing over the top.

Creamed spinach stuffed butternut squash

Gluten Free Side Dishes

These gluten free side dish recipes are all incredibly delicious and most are super simple to make.

  1. Creamed spinach stuffed butternut squash. Cheesy creamed spinach stuffed butternut squash is a delicious, crowd pleasing side dish or vegetarian main. It’s creamy, cheese and absolutely irresistible.
  2. Creamy Parmesan Brussels Sprouts. Sauteed Brussels sprouts in creamy Parmesan sauce is a delicious and easy side dish recipe that happens to be gluten free too!
  3. Black truffle and mushroom risotto. There are few things as indulgent and delicious as a bowl full of creamy, luscious risotto flavoured with fresh black truffles and exotic mushrooms.
  4. Creamy Garlic Parmesan Sautéed Mushrooms. Easy garlic sautéed mushrooms cooked in creamy Parmesan sauce is a delicious side dish, is perfect stirred through pasta and makes the best mushroom toast, ever.
  5. Baked sweet potatoes with whipped honey butter. The creamiest mashed sweet potatoes ever! Flavored with honey, thyme and butter, these sweet potatoes are the perfect side dish.
  6. Crispy salt and pepper smashed potatoes. Crispy salt and pepper smashed potatoes is the perfect mix of creamy mashed potatoes and crisp roast potatoes and makes an easy, delicious side dish.
  7. Easy spicy garlic roasted broccoli. Broccoli seasoned with chilli flakes and garlic before being roasted until just crispy is a delicious and easy side dish recipe the family will love.
  8. Maple butter mashed sweet potatoes. This easy recipe for maple butter mashed sweet potatoes will become a firm favorite in no time. The mash is so smooth and creamy and perfect as a side dish.
  9. Pumpkin risotto with haloumi. Creamy pumpkin risotto topped with golden haloumi pops and a zesty chilli syrup is comfort food at its finest and perfect for fall.


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