40+ Quick and Easy Pantry Meals

Over 40 pantry meals and recipes for when you’re stuck for inspiration and need to make a delicious meal with only the food in your pantry (with a little help from your fridge and freezer). 

Quick and Easy Pantry Meals

In my pantry stocking post, I discuss the importance of keeping a well stocked pantry, fridge and freezer. Whether you are under quarantine, stuck because of a natural disaster, sick or just not in the mood to go out, a well stocked pantry is worth its weight in gold. These pantry meals and recipes are all incredibly easy and most use only ingredients you’ll find in your pantry. Here and there you’ll need something from your fridge or freezer. Most fresh things can be substituted with canned, frozen or dried. Pantry meals really are a saving grace in times of need and I hope you’ll find lots of inspiration in this post.

Buttermilk pancakes with maple syrup and butter

Breakfast Recipes

  1. Easy cashew coconut granola
  2. Buttermilk pancakes
  3. Easy healthy blueberry muffins
  4. Cheesy bacon potato breakfast casserole
  5. Easy breakfast yogurt fruit pots
  6. Creamy healthy oatmeal
  7. Mixed seed, oat and coconut granola
  8. Chai-spiced oatmeal with caramelized apples

Easy tomato soup with grilled cheese

Lunch Recipes

  1. Easy tomato soup with grilled cheese
  2. Curried chicken salad sandwiches – Canned tuna can easily be used instead of chicken.
  3. Easy pizza toast
  4. Jalapeño corn pancakes
  5. Pea and feta quinoa salad
  6. Mexican street corn dip

Spaghetti Aglio e Olio

Dinner Recipes

  1. Spaghetti Aglio e Olio
  2. Easy lemony spring pea pasta
  3. Potato leek soup
  4. One pot tomato basil chicken rice – This is equally delicious if the chicken is left out. Use dried herbs instead of fresh.
  5. Homemade marinara sauce
  6. Easy garlic cheese pasta
  7. Cheese and tomato pasta bake
  8. Pork sausage meatballs in tomato sauce – Any sausages can be used for this recipe.
  9. Easy and healthy coconut curry pumpkin soup
  10. Roasted tomato sauce
  11. Classic baked mac and cheese
  12. Béchamel/cheese sauce
  13. Spaghetti with anchovies and chillies
  14. Easy tomato cream rigatoni
  15. Vegetable fried rice – Frozen vegetables get new life with this delicious fried rice recipe.
  16. Easy potato curry

Easy flatbread

Side dish recipes

  1. Easy garlic butter dinner rolls
  2. Hasselback potatoes
  3. Easy crusty bread
  4. Almond, lemon and parsley pilaf rice
  5. Easy flatbread – Delicious served with chicken but great with hummus or a simple dip too for a quick and easy dinner.
  6. Parmesan garlic mashed potatoes – Leave out the Parmesan if you don’t have it.
  7. Easy oven baked fries with fry sauce
  8. Mini Hasselback potatoes
  9. Easy spicy garlic baked potato wedges
  10. Homemade naan bread
  11. Creamy potato salad with an easy dressing
  12. Sweet and smoky cowboy beans

Easy fudgy chocolate brownies

Snacks and Baking

  1. Easy Crepes
  2. Salted pretzel chocolate fudge
  3. Easy buttermilk scones
  4. Healthyish pumpkin bread
  5. Easy chocolate sauce
  6. Hot chocolate baked pudding
  7. Easy fudgy chocolate brownies
  8. White chocolate cranberry cookie bars
  9. Chocolate chip cookies